Louisiana Center for Nursing releases 2020 Nursing Supply, Education Capacity Reports and Snapshot Infographic

Click below to read each document. http://lcn.lsbn.state.la.us/Portals/0/Documents/2020%20Nurse%20Supply%20Report.pdf   http://lcn.lsbn.state.la.us/Portals/0/Documents/2020NursingEducationCapacityReport.pdf http://lcn.lsbn.state.la.us/Portals/0/Documents/2020%20Snapshot%20of%20Nursing%20Education%20Capacity%20and%20Nursing%20Supply%20in%20Louisiana.pdf

July 2nd, 2021|News|

Washington Center for Nursing COVID-19 Impact Study Report Released

The Washington Center for Nursing (WCN), the state’s nursing workforce center, recently released their COVID-19 Impact on the Nursing Workforce Study conducted by Survey Information Analytics (SIA). The study aims to understand better the challenges faced by Washington nurses responding to the pandemic. Since the confirmation of the first U.S.

July 2nd, 2021|News|
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